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Dear Mimsters: How I Have Decided To Handle My Cheating Husband

Dear Mimsters: How I Have Decided To Handle My Cheating Husband

This page has really blessed me and made me much stronger than I thought I was. As I write now, I am ready to hand over my cheating husband  house keys to him, afterall to whom much is given much is expected. My story goes thus…

My marriage would be 2 years in April. When I met him, he was everything a woman could ask for. Right after the wedding, the true colors started showing. Every two weeks, he travelled to his village, not knowing he kept numerous women there.

Some of the girls had the nerve to call and insult me. I put up with his continuous cheating and disrespect towards me. It’s a long story but what gave me strength was when I realised that he was not going to change.The least said the better.

My family and his friends are all in support of my decision as he didn’t listened to them but got worse every time.

Gone are the days where we thought we had to stay in abusive marriages with men who do not even deserve us. As career and independent women, we owe it to ourselves to be happy and experience joy. As someone once said ,”there is no marriage in heaven so we had better enjoy marriages on earth”.

Do not waste your time with a man who continually disrespects you, cheats on you and abuses you. We all deserve diamonds. Find something good to do with yourself, surround your self with happy people and good friends and finally stop keeping issues to yourselves. So many women are dying from spousal abuse and it’s high time we said “ENOUGH” of this.

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Your kids should be your driving force in life and not a man who does not appreciate whatever you do for them, but rather chase any and everything labeled in skirt. I am happy and look forward to my new life with my beautiful daughter. It’s just the two of us but with God at the centre of it all.

I know I made mistakes but the experience has made me better and wiser.  God never said love your neighbour more than yourself. So here’s to me, an independent woman, smiling and holding my head high as I walk out of this marriage for I know my worth and I deserve the best life has to offer.
I am too strong to be made weak by a man who is a weakling because He is not an Ephesians 5 man.

So ladies wish me well as I leave with so much joy and peace and also knowing that this is the best decision I have ever taken and would never look back!!!????

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