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Man Tortures Wife For 3 Days | His Reason Will Shock You

Man Tortures Wife For 3 Days | His Reason Will Shock You

A man in Egypt tortured his wife and locked her up after finding out that she set up a Facebook page after he refused to create an account for her.

According to English Alarabiya, Asmaa Samir was tortured by her husband Mustafa Raafat who bound her with ropes and locked her up in their house for three days, depriving her of food or water and torturing her at the same time with sharp tools.

Mustafa said that his wife, Asmaa had opened three accounts using fake female names, as she was trying to stalk him and see if he would be unfaithful in their marriage. He decided to punish her by beating her up. He however denied reports that he had starved her.

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Women’s rights organizations are calling for the man to be tried after medical reports were revealed showcasing the extent of the torture.
Several lawyers are also willing to represent Asmaa pro bono, while many Egyptians took to Twitter to voice solidarity with her and called on the Egyptian attorney general and relevant authorities to imprison Raafat and try him.

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