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5 Safe Baby Teething Remedies Every Mom Should Know

5 Safe Baby Teething Remedies Every Mom Should Know

Has your baby become fussy and irritable because of his tiny teeth showing up? No need to worry, it’s a rites of passage for every baby for which there are teething remedies. Contrary to the Old Wives Tale, teething does not cause earaches, fever, and diarrhoea. These symptoms which Nigerian mothers commonly attribute to are signs of an infection.

A teething child gets infected because they touch just about anything – the floor, your shoe, your face and put those same hands into their mouths to ease their gums. We can only imagine how much bacteria has been transferred. If your child is showing these symptoms, it would be wise to see a doctor and not just attribute it to teething.

Check out these remedies below:

1. Gum Massage
All you need is a clean finger for this old-fashioned teething remedy. Gentle counter-pressure from Mom or Dad applied to a baby’s sore gums can help ease the pain of teething. Most people frown at a baby chewing or having mums hand in their mouth. All you need to do on the contrary is to have your nails trimmed to the minimum size and have very clean hands

2Chilled Foods
If your baby has already started on solids, try offering him a cold food like applesauce or yogurt to help soothe gum pain and fill him up.

Teething does not mean the end of breastfeeding. Every baby teethes differently. Sucking may irritate some babies that they refuse to suckle, while some find it very relieving. If you notice that your baby seems to bite during nursing, try rubbing a clean finger over her gums before feeding.

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4Chilled Teether
Placing a liquid-filled teether in the fridge (not freezer) for 15-20 minutes before offering it to baby can amp up its soothing powers.

5.Teething gels or pin relievers

Whatever gel you decide to use should be recommended by your baby’s doctor. Do not buy an over the counter drug or gel to administer to your baby.

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