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First Time Mum, Johanna, Dances Through Her Labor Contractions & Shares Her Amazing Birth Story

First Time Mum, Johanna, Dances Through Her Labor Contractions & Shares Her Amazing Birth Story

Swedish dancehall queen, Johanna, danced from the first day of her pregnancy up until when her labor started. The new mother, who clearly loves to dance, judging from the videos she shared on her Instagram page, had her baby fathered by her longtime choreographer partner,  Jr BlackEagle on the 19th of April.

Before their bouncing baby boy came along, Johanna shared a video of her self, 41 weeks pregnant and amazingly moving joints and body parts non pregnant women may not be able to move. Watch the video below.

The sultry dancer also shared her incredible birth story in another post. Read below:

“We came to the hospital at 5.45 pm on Wednesday. I was 4 cm dilated. I’d been having irregular contractions since Tuesday night. Right before we did the dance video at 3pm the contractions got regular and came about every 10 min. Shortly after they got more intense and came every 3 min. On the way to the hospital it got worse and worse. I got floored 3 times by the pain on the way up to the hospital room. First I felt like I could manage the pain, as I got to prepare myself mentally in between and it never lasted long. But the contractions quickly got unmanageable. I didn’t get a warning when they hit, they hit so hard and often I did not get time to gather strength. I was shaking and vomiting. I wanted epidural but my blood pressure was too high they wanted to take some tests first. I needed some relief. A msg from one of my followers on IG came to my head as she had told me to “suck on that gas hard!” So for the next contractions i held on to the gas mask and I didn’t let go, I was breathing laughing gas heavily. It helped me relax and made time flow and get blurry but I was still in extreme pain. The tests came back ok and they called on a doctor for epidural but there were no doctors available so I had to wait. But then it was too late. Everything changed. I turned from helpless to bossy, and my body started doing things. I yelled to the midwifes “Barnet kommer nu!!” (The baby is coming now!) the time was now 8.20pm they checked me and I was fully dilated. The water still hadn’t broke, the amniotic sac was intact and I yelled at them to bust it. My body told me to push, I was on the side in the bed and put up one foot on the stirrup. I grabbed Jr and pulled him towards me and we was hanging on to each other for the next 7 min of pushing and screaming/growling until the baby came sliding out. Damn what a good feeling! All the pressure and pain just gone at once! I got 2 stitches on the inside of my vagina but no major tear. Baby was healthy and calm. He didn’t scream, he was making little noises. They put him on my chest and he was looking around with big open eyes ????
Baby JJ was born at 8.27 pm on April 19. 3070g, 49cm 6.7lbs, 19.3in #babyjj#birthstory”

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