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Dear Mimster: How do I deal with my husband’s recent change?

Dear Mimster: How do I deal with my husband’s recent change?

I met this guy about 2 years ago after a very bad break up with my ex. He seemed like the guy of my dreams as he possessed all the good qualities I wanted in my husband but recently the turn of events have left me shocked at my husband’s recent change.

After dating for a year, he proposed to me and we decided to settle down. While we were dating he was very caring, helpful, understanding, and we had no secrets. A year later, he proposed marriage and we’ve been married for about 5 months now.

Now, the problem is my husband has become so secretive especially with his phone. I am the kind who likes to play games on his phone. I picked up his phone lately, and saw plenty of flirty messages between him and a number of women, both young and old.

He was never like this when I met him and people even confirmed how a good person he was with no time for women. When I asked him about the messages, he then decided to password all his social media apps. Sometimes, I sneak up on him when he’s whatsapping and I see how he now chats with many women.

For days now, he has stopped talking to me because I broached the subject and told him this issue is making me unhappy in this marriage. I’m also pregnant at the moment and I lack the basic peace of mind required to enjoy my pregnancy.

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How should I handle this? Please advice me.


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  • Why are men like this? Why did he marry when he knows he is not ready to commit that way? I think you should tell him you are leaving for your parent’s if he doesn’t stop this attitude of his and see his reaction.

  • You need sanity right now with your present state, please go to your parents house for now and have some rest.

  • Those saying she should go to her parents will still be the ones to ask her y she did when she comes back to tell us of a divorce. Ma’am go to your war room n pray about it, try to stay away from his phone n be the loving girlfriend you were before u became a wife. For ur unborn baby’s sake make itself happy

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