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Dear Mimster: Should I apologise for this?

Dear Mimster: Should I apologise for this?

During Easter, my husband and I travelled to the East to see my mum. The initial plan was to spend two weeks but he extended our stay by one week because he said he had to quickly go to the village. On the day we were finally leaving, I found an opened viagra and he had already taken two out of it. Meanwhile this man hasn’t had sex with me in for quite a while now. Here’s why I want to know if I am to apologise.

Last week, my husband went out and got back late. I called him more than 8 times to find out what was keeping him out so late but he didnt pick my calls.

When he got back, I was expecting at least an explanation for not picking any of my calls from him to me but he simply ignored me and went straight to the bathroom have his shower. He went straight to bed after having his shower. This is not the first time my husband is doing this. It has become standard for him to ignore my calls when he’s out. Sometimes, he claims not to have seen any calls or lie that he left his phone in the car because he goes everywhere with his phones.

The next morning, he took his bath and left for work without a word. I then sent him a message through WhatsApp that any day I find out that he is cheating on me, I will bring a man right inside our bedroom and f*ck him. Since that day, we have not been on speaking terms.

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Please tell me where my fault is here and what I should have done. Should I apologise?


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  • Hmmmmm…To be a strong woman, ignore that particular message not him but remember to perform your duties as a wife, mother and a woman

  • Why would you apologize? Why is he not the one apologizing for his wrong? Please ignore him. You didn’t say anything wrong because it’s obvious he is cheating. Women should learn how to stand their ground and stop allowing their husbands ride them.

  • both of you should sit down and talk about it or wake him up in the middle of the night and ask him questions from you’ll understand why he’s doing what he’s doing….a cat and a dog cannot live in the same house claiming they are right…sit him down as your partner who’ve known for years now…save your marriage before he destroys it.

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