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Dear MIMsters: I Vowed to Break the Trend of Having Kids By Different Fathers in My Family but My Medical Condition is Threatening it

Dear MIMsters: I Vowed to Break the Trend of Having Kids By Different Fathers in My Family but My Medical Condition is Threatening it

I will be 31 by October, I am single and I have never been pregnant and I just found out that I have medical condition.

I hardly engaged in unprotected sex because I was always in distant relationships and kept to one partner at a time. I am an independent lady and I believe that I can survive without a man, as such I rarely get into sexual relationships of any form, although I am engaged now.

Last year I was diagnosed with multiple uterine fibroid outside the womb. My doctor said it is caused by having an idle uterus. However, he said it was asymptomatic (a condition that shows no symptoms), so I let it be. I also looked it up on the internet and started avoiding foods and drinks that were advised to be avoided if one suffered from this condition.

Fast forward to this month I started having extremely painful cramps that brought me down to my knees, I initially thought they were menstrual cramps since I was due to see my period. When it did not ease up after my period,  I went to the hospital for a check up and was very shocked when the doctor told me that I have PID (pelvic inflammatory disease). He also said that the fibroids have grown to the size of a fetus at 24 weeks.

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To cut the long story short, I will be booked for surgery in 2 weeks and I am afraid that I won’t be able to have babies in future. I don’t know if I should open up to my fiance about my present health situation.

NB: I cannot do keto diet because I weigh just 50kg. I would love to try and conceive after my surgery. That would mean having a child out of wedlock, but the thought of it terrifies me. My elder and younger sisters both have 2 kids from different fathers out of wedlock, and I vowed to break the trend. Please can anyone relate to my case because I need words of encouragement? Thank you all.

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  • I pray for a successful surgery for you. Tell your fiancee about your condition please before you guys get married. I think you should wait till you are married before trying for kids.

  • Hello dear, u can have kids after fibroid surgery if the uterus is not taken out. Get a good hospital for the surgery n let it be done by a gynaecologist. You don’t have to break your resolve dear because of the surgery. All the best.

  • Dear MIMsters: Am 25years old dating a 30years old guy, we have dated for 2years plus now and I really love him. Early this month he told me he’s breaking up with me because he loves me, that hes fighting with something bigger than him and won’t want me to suffer what I know nothing about. I have tried all I could to make him tell me what’s going on with him but he still won’t say it, please what should I do?

    • Please send your message directly to the mim page or direct message to them. Your issue will be lost in here because others are responding to the message above. Cheers

  • My dear, you have to let him know about the condition and don’t be scared of what comes out of it, meanwhile you can always have kids after fibroid surgery. I wish you the best

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