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Dear MIMsters: I need help to break this embarrassing yoke

Dear MIMsters: I need help to break this embarrassing yoke

I am badly in need of help to break this embarrassing yoke.

I’m 25 years-old and I still bed wet. I wet the bed in my boyfriend’s house. I can’t go to anyone’s house to spend a night because of the fear of disgracing myself. Some will advise me to avoid eating and drinking at night. I have tried all that but nothing has changed.

Sometimes, it occurs around 4.3o in the wee hours of the morning, even after waking up earlier to go use the bathroom . Sometimes it occurs around mid night. I could be awake till mid night, and still end up wetting the bed. I don’t get the urge to pee in the night when I am asleep. I have even prayed about it but nothing has worked.

I can be cured for a month, then it reoccurs again for like three times in a week at a stretch. Wetting my bed with wee requires me taking my mattress out for sunning and washing my bedsheets everyday.

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My parents have not done anything about it so far. I am so ashamed that I can’t even talk about it to anybody. This is a yoke upon me and I want it to be destroyed. Please help!

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  • My dear, God will heal u ijn but I want you to pray at midnight everyday and praise him all d time for his kindness even in that ur situation but I pray the Lord heal and repair whatever things that needs God intervention

  • You may be suffering from an untreated condition, that might have caused your urethral sphincters to slacken or become uncontrollable when you are asleep. It is important that you see a doctor to rule out any underlying causes. Do not despair, there could b a reasonable explanation.

  • Dear poster. By the power of God the spirit of bedwetting is gone in Jesus name. Wherever you are just give keep on thanking and praising God for he has broken the yoke and set you free. God has set you free forever in Jesus name Amen. Keep on rejoicing.

  • Dear sister, I feel your pain. First you need to visit a specialist because some were caused as a result of childhood violation of the girl child

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