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Dear MIMsters: My Husband Has Been Cold Towards Me. Where Did I Go Wrong?

Dear MIMsters: My Husband Has Been Cold Towards Me. Where Did I Go Wrong?

I lost both my parents when I was in Senior High School. Fortunately for me, my first boyfriend who I met then is now my husband who is a good man. The problem is he doesn’t know how to save while I am quite the opposite.

My husband sponsored me through nursing school. During my school days, I saved most of the allowance given to me by the government. Much later, I gathered them together to give to my husband but he did not take it. He told me it is for me, that I should keep it.

Instead of keeping it, I used the money to buy a plot of land which I registered in both our names. I told him after the papers and necessary documents were completed. Now, my Hubby is angry with me because he doesn’t like the land I bought and where it is located.

We are blessed with 2 children and I contribute to the upkeep of the house while I maintain myself and the children. Recently, I opened accounts for the children without informing him because I know he will object to it. He has just found out and when I tried to explain myself that since his job is not stable and based only on contract, I did this to secure the future of or children.  Since then he has been behaving cold towards me. Please tell me, where did I go wrong?

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  • u dint go wrong but u sd have told him first…he would come around

  • You didn’t do anything wrong but you should have discussed with him first before doing those things. If he objects, then you can go ahead without his knowledge. But deed has been done, just beg him and ask for forgiveness to allow peace reign.

  • You have not done anything wrong. He is just angry that you are doing what he should be doing as a man which makes him feel inferior and jealous of your financial stability.
    You need to reassure him that you are not competing with him and not trying to take his position as the head of the family. You are doing all this for the benefit of the entire family.
    You both need to discuss your plans for the future and the steps to take to achieve them. Your plans have to be printed out and followed so that nobody will accuse you of anything in future.

  • Abeg leave am joor,he is feeling self-conscious because your wisdom is showing him what he lacks,I hope it touches him well so he makes amends and starts being prudent

  • You’ve not done anything wrong. Just go about your life normally and don’t disrespectful to him . I’m sure he’ll come around. And if there’s any other thing you can still do for your family please do

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