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Part 2: What You Need To Know About Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Part 2: What You Need To Know About Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Have you met a lady with facial and chest hairs; and her voice a little bit deeper than the average woman’s voice? I’m not saying this is ALWAYS the cause but I found out that it’s because they have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Out of curiosity, I also found out that many women have this condition and it causes some other discomfort for them.

We gathered a body of knowledge about this condition and decided to share it with you guys. These are basic and important things you need to know about Polycystic ovary syndrome, especially of you’re a lady. This is the part two of this article. See part one here

Discover PCOS EARLY.
Some women find out they have PCOS unintentionally; when they go for routine medical check up. Otherwise, a series of tests will have to be conducted on the lady’s blood to check hormone, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. The doctor also does a pelvic inspection for swollen clitoris and/or ovaries.
Inspection of the ovaries is carried out either with an ultrasound scan which allows the doctor study the reproductive organs or a small incision is made on the woman’s abdomen and a tiny specialised camera is inserted to view and study the ovaries for cysts. If anything seems out of place, the doctor does a biopsy by collecting some tissue from the ovary for further study and confirmation. If the result is positive, treatment is prescribed.

Dealing With PCOS
First off, let’s state it plainly: as at this point, there is no known cure for PCOS. Maybe there is miraculously, but scientifically, there is no cure, just treatment. Because the cause cannot be pegged down to a single source, treating PCOS will have to be like the diagnosis where we try to check for separate symptoms. This means is during diagnosis, insulin resistance is found, doctor prescribes specific drugs that reduce high levels of insulin and deals with diabetes. The doctor will also prescribe separate drugs that reduce or deal with the effect of high androgen, low estrogen and progesterone.
For symptoms like irregular menstrual periods, suggests consistent exercising and healthy diet low in carbs and high in vegetables, fruits, nuts and meals with high protein levels. Low carbs and exercising specifically deal with diabetes, weight gain and consequently, prolonged or missing menstrual periods.

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You could use over the counter drugs for acne and hair loss. Or better yet, talk to a dermatologist so that you know the best way to combat hair loss on the scalp and excess growth of facial and body hairs. Experts at assure worried women that their deep voice and decreasing breaststroke could respond to all these treatments but it would take time. Do not start treating yourself without expert advise. Some treatments could negatively affect fertility.
Personally, I think women with deep voices are unique. I also heard rubbing vaseline on the breasts help them increase in size. Is that true? Anyone…? Okay. I think we’re done here. Do share your thoughts and comments.

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