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Dear MIMsters: Is My London Based MIL Asking Me to Leave My Marriage?

Dear MIMsters: Is My London Based MIL Asking Me to Leave My Marriage?

Hubby and I live in my mother-in-law’s house while she is based in London. She has been the main cause of  the problems hubby and I have both home and abroad.

I am legally married to my hubby. It all started when I had my third child. Hubby wasn’t working but I was. We needed help with accommodation and she offered to help us by allowing us move into her property. Since then, she’s been very controlling and hubby started discussing important issues with her first to get her opinion before running them by me or giving me the go ahead.

I was working with a school but since the pay wasn’t enough, I decided to do my own business. So, I saved some money and and purchased a container so I can station it in front of the house as a shop. But when I told hubby, he asked his mother who said NO to my idea. I was expecting hubby to fight for me but he didn’t, so she came home recently from London to find the container in front her house. 

She asked me to take the container off her property, I didn’t but her son did. I got mad at hubby for not fighting for me since he knows that he’s not working and we need the money. I became cold towards everyone in the house. Three days later, she called hubby and I to her room and told us that if I can’t abide by her rules in her house, I can choose to go back to my parents’ house because I live on her property.

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So I told hobby that we should leave his mother’s house so that we can get our own place and start enjoying our marriage but this woman is threatening her son. She threatened to disown him if he leaves her house with me. Does this mean that she just wants only me to leave and out of the marriage or what? What should I do and how should I handle this?

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