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Dear MIMsters: I Love My Boyfriend But My Love Must Wear a Goggle

Dear MIMsters: I Love My Boyfriend But My Love Must Wear a Goggle

I love my boyfriend but my love must wear a goggle. He told me he’s done with me and also collected his spare keys from me. Now he has been calling and begging to come back. He sent me this message that has left me so confused and do not know what to do.

It reads:

“Today makes it a year, one month and eight days since I met you. Between that time and now, we have broken up eleven times (once in one month and four days). It may not be a bed of roses being with you, but I have always enjoyed it when we are at peace and it has been the best moments in my life.

“I have cheated at times and have laid my hands on you but they are actions I regret to the core. In the mist of our struggles I have loved none other but you. I have become a bit emotionally stable by being with you because I have depression and nobody knows about it.

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“You’re the only person that can make me stable and you’re the only person I love. I need you in my life because I can’t stay without you and you’re the cure to my depressed soul.”

Pls advice me on the decision to take. Sorry for my long writeup.

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  • He is just trying to blackmail you emotionally to come back to him because it is only you that tolerates his bullshit. If you want to, you can go back and keep enduring or you can ignore the message and move on.

  • Let him fix his mess not using emotional gibberish to unsettle you. If he can’t speak up on what depresses him and seek help then let him go. That message is just to rile your emotions.

    You can’t fix a broken man.

  • run fr ur life.he already beats u???? and u asking what to do???

  • Please please am so confused,i have been dating this guy since last October. He is married bit when we were together he was almost single because he was separated from the we both travelled to another country but am staying with my the day vefore yesterday i saw his wife in the same country then in the evening when he comes i talk to him and he says that he knew about it.ok!!the point is me and this guy don’t hide anything from each other but u know a honest lady doesn’t even forcis on anything apart from her man.
    So i came to think hard a bout it and i believe that this guy was in contact with the wife because he still has her photos all over his phone,computer and even his house.the truth is he wasn’t wearing his wedding ring since the separation.i talked to him about seeing his wife near my house and he confirmed that he knows are coming but couldn’t tell its veen two days he hasn’t come neither call and am so confused and stressed.

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