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Ten Ways To Ease Morning Sickness (Part One)

Ten Ways To Ease Morning Sickness (Part One)

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When a woman conceives, her body undergoes changes to prepare to support the growing baby. Hormones are released in unprecedented amounts and the body draws on the mother’s body nutrients to feed the baby. This whole process takes its toll on the mother so that she often feels nauseated and vomits frequently during the day. This nausea and vomiting is what is commonly called Morning Sickness.

It is definitely not a pleasant feeling and no, it doesn’t have a cure. There are ways pregnant women could cope with it though. Get some biscuits to chew on as we show you 10 ways to ease the dreadful morning sickness.

Eat Lite Frequently

Forget about 3 meals a day. Your body is working overtime to cater for you and little one in there. This means it’s going to need a constant supply of energy, leaving your stomach empty most of the time. Saliva in an empty stomach will trigger the nausea and retching but so will an over-stressed stomach. The remedy: eat lite meals like nutrient rich snacks and fruits frequently throughout the day.

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Be A Picky Eater

Avoid heavy, fried or fatty foods. They are hard to digest. Rather choose food and fruits that are high in carbohydrates, protein and vitamin B6 and low in fat. These replenish and supply energy and nutrients that are used up in feeding the baby.

High On Hydration

Water is another thing that is used up voraciously during pregnancy. As we all know, 80% of the body is made up of water and your baby is being formed within you. Water is very much needed.  You can compliment drinking cups of water with milk, yoghurt, watermelon, pineapple, apples and pear. Just stay hydrated all the time.

Move That Body

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Some women testify to the efficacy of exercises in helping them cope with morning sickness. Others take a walk. Or dance. Moving your body or engaging in some activity could help ease the queasy feelings you experience when you’re pregnant. You could drive instead of being a passenger. That’s of course if you can have your way. Or go see a movie; just move that body.

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Speak up

Let someone know about it. Someone close to you that can look out for you. Your spouse is a mandatory on this one, you should also talk to someone or everyone at work. Let them know that when you start acting groggy and running to the ladies, it’s the hormones kicking in, or the aroma of their lunch, or something. Just let them know about this passing phase.

To be continued....
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