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Dear MIMster: Can I Trust My Boyfriend Again After Doing This?

Dear MIMster: Can I Trust My Boyfriend Again After Doing This?

We met about 4 months ago. All things being equal we became really very close, in fact, we act like best of friends. One would hardly believe that my boyfriend have only been four months into this relationship. 
Before we started, I specifically asked him if he was involved in any other relationship and he told me no. In fact, he told me of a lady whom he would have been married to but his family did not allow. I believed him and we started our affair.
I told him all that he needed to know about me from the very day I consented to his proposal. I even told him to go clear any other affairs he might have at that moment. He told me he had no pending affairs and we even started planing our lives together.
We talked about the type of marriage we wanted, the kind of home we would love to have, including the number of kids we desired to have. Sincerely, I love him so much and I know he does love me too. I am a lawyer and he has a good job too. So nothing is really stoping us from settling down but we only thought we should wait a little till we put other things in place.
It was however, a huge surprise when he told me recently that there was something bothering him he needed to tell me. He took me to our usual joint and revealed to me that he actually has another on-going relationship with another woman back home.
They have been dating for 5 years but she gave him little or no commitment to the relationship and that is why he decided to try another person. He said he has never experienced all that he has experienced with me in the last 4 months in his entire life. He claimed his conscience has been disturbing him because I’ve really been a really good person to him and he doesn’t want to offend me.
He apologised for not coming clean all this while and pleaded with me to give him a little time to sort things out. I am really very sad at the moment and I need someone to help me out before I go nuts. He told me it is me he wants and that has started working on leaving the other woman.
He treats me very well and has started taking his position as a partner. He is very kind, protective and even professes our relationship to whoever cares to know. But I am confused at the moment because I do not know if he is saying the truth.
What will you advice me to do at this Juncture? I am really very confused. I love him dearly. I am 30 and he is 36. Should I trust him again?
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  • I think you should go ahead with him, and have faith that things will still work out, despite the fact that he didn’t tell you of the other woman earlier, because he was not sure if both of you would work out then. Now he sees how positive the relationship is, he opened up. Go ahead and believe him.

  • do ur background investigation abt him…n decide if u want to give him another chance

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