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See Comedian Bovi’s Views About Nigerian Women Who Hide their Pregnancy to Avoid Spiritual Attacks

See Comedian Bovi’s Views About Nigerian Women Who Hide their Pregnancy to Avoid Spiritual Attacks

It’s almost typical in Nigeria for women to go hush hush about their pregnancies. If it were possible, most would probably hide it away from the public eye to avoid ‘spiritual attacks.’ It is often out of odds to ask an African woman her due date.

On the other hand, ace comedian and father of three, Bovi Ugboma seems not to buy the idea as he took to his social media page to condemn women who hide their pregnancies in order to avoid spiritual attacks.

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The 37-year-old stand-up comedian says such women are ‘Village people’, according to him ‘It’s foolish’.  

Sharing an embarrassing experience he had at a friend’s baby dedication, he Tweeted;

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”People wey dey hide belle, you really think spiritually the demons are not aware? Using your physical sense to fight spiritual war. Foolish.

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal- bible. If you like hide your due date from calendar, God alone protects a child. If hiding pregnancy was a way of keeping village people at bay, will you hide the baby when village people come for dedication?

Went for a friends baby dedication.Saw everyone dashing baby money. I followed cue;at my turn baby’s Aunty whispered “blood of Jesus”. Damn!

Went home and looked in the mirror to see if I had the mark of the beast on my head. Or maybe I was the beast.”

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A woman commented:

”I think most women (myself included) don’t announce pregnancies because it’s a sensitive, nerve wrecking period & you’re just always worried.”

…and he replies; ”True! I’m just saying ultimately, it’s not that deep.”

”You’re right pregnant women are the most vulnerable, but what confuses me is why can’t d villagers change the X chromosome to Y when looking for a particular sex.”

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  • I thought I was the only one that thinks it’s stupid and foolish hiding a pregnancy. I mean if your village people want to hurt the baby, they will even if you hide in your closet the whole 9 months. Bovi way to go brother. Nobody is saying announce you are preggers, but for God’s sakes, why hide it so much?

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