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7 Ways To Improve Your Child’s Memory (Part One)

7 Ways To Improve Your Child’s Memory (Part One)

Mark Wealth

Children who perform best in school are children who are able to understand, retain and remember what they have learnt in class. Many children are able to understand what they have learnt while the brain is built to retain what it comes in contact with through the senses. The challenge most kids face is to remember what they learnt. It is a memory issue.

This challenge can be caught early and corrected. You can help your child build his/her memory skills by any and all of the following ways.

The Power Of Repetition
Say, you’ve warned her about playing with your expensive ipad. You go get some juice from the kitchen and when you return, she’s got the ipad in her pudgy little fingers again. Don’t freak out and yell. Just gently take it from her and repeat the warning and maybe add an explanation. Tell her it will break or that it’s for work, not play. Keep repeating things to your child until the neural connections in her brain have been formed and strengthened.
After all you had to study the same topics repeatedly before you could fully understand and apply them. Don expect more from your growing child whose brain is still developing.

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Put It In A Song
Brain doctors claim that the brain would retain and remember information that comes in music from easier than when it’s just said. This is probably why we had a lot of nursery rhymes that came in sung-song form or rhythmic poetry. I am not so good with geography but I remember the names of major rivers in Africa by singing the song, Rivers of Africa. Do you remember that one? Or This is the way I brush my teeth… . Remember that one, it goes on to teach how to comb the hair and wear your shoes and so on. This will probably make it easier for you to get the child ready for school quicker too.

Get Physical
Let the child run around, climb trees and lift 100-pound weights. Okay that last one was a bit too far but experts say that physical “exercise” helps the child (and adults) by releasing a “soup” of brain stimulating chemicals that obviously enhance memory retention and recall. Be a little more understanding and hey, you can even join in by making out dance time whenever you notice your child restless with unbound energy. It will strengthen the bond and help them remember those important things in life.

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