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Dear MIMsters: He’s a Great Guy But Why Am I so Bored?

Dear MIMsters: He’s a Great Guy But Why Am I so Bored?

I’m in my 20s and in a relationship with a good guy but I’m so bored and I don’t know what to do.

My boyfriend is very nice, very considerate, puts me first, transparent and very hardworking.

I think we have a future together because he’s always making future plans that include me. The problem is: I am not in love with him.

He’s actually very handsome with a nice height so that’s not the issue. I just don’t feel any excitement in this relationship. No chemistry. It feels so boring. He’s always busy, trying to make himself better. That’s what we talk about, our future but we don’t live in the present.

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I’m his second girlfriend so he’s quite naive and doesn’t understand me. We’re in a no sex relationship and I don’t even fantasize about him but another person. I feel so bored to death and I’m a great talker.

I ALMOST cheated on him once and he forgave me which even got me scared. Why is he that nice? He’s very “churchy” and boring. I feel scared breaking up with him because he likes me a lot and asked me out for three years before I accepted.

I accepted because I was hurting from a past relationship, and now, everything is getting serious. He’s always telling me how he felt so happy the day I accepted him and how much he loves me but I don’t answer. I don’t love him but I like his personality.

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Meanwhile, I have a crush on another man. He’s not as good looking as my boyfriend but I look forward to being with him cause we have lots of fun. He listens a lot, is really spontaneous and always knows the right thing to say. I spend more time with him.

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He says he doesn’t really like religion and I don’t agree with that but I love him. He likes his privacy and asks me to stay away from his phone and all. The thing is, I think he doesn’t love me like that. I’m the one always reaching out while I never call my own boyfriend. I don’t know what to do and how to stop this whole thing.

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  • I pray that this “boring” guy opens his senses to realize you don’t deserve him. U think marriage is about chemistry. Marriage no be lab. Pls I beg u, end it with that innocent soul who has fallen for the wrong girl.

  • love is a feeling. try to be honest with yourself as your honest boyfriend is. talk to him about the things you will like him to do to you to make you happy. for the other person; if you are in the giving side and not receiving, it’s not a good sign..

  • Hmmmmnn….i pray he finds some one who deserves him…cos u dont…

  • I have a personal experience with a friend of mine, u don’t appreciate what God gave u until who know the value take it away from u before u will realise u have lost a best friend, of the guy is not doing what u like why don’t u embrace his life style and try to make him attend marital seminal to gain more knowledge on how to treat a girl

  • Imagine…. God will give u what u desire…i pity you cos if you lose him u will forever regret ur move

  • Let me tell you my story, I was once like you, my boyfriend (now husband) was boring then and I don’t love him some days to our introduction a new guy came which I thought I love, but it was late Bcos I couldn’t call off the intro, we did intro and after intro I was seeing my fiance and d other guy, the new guy advised me to leave my fiance for him, but thank God I didnt, it took God’s intervention and good counseling that I didn’t call off my wedding, thank God after wedding I and my husband are getting along very well, he treasured me like gold, and respect me a lot. I have peace of mind, he doesn’t cheat, so transparent I have his ATM cards with me to do anything I want. I just thank God I didn’t loose him to lust in the name of love, I found out d other guy is a cheat and the truth is I can’t stand a cheat.

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