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Dear MIMsters: I Have No More Affection for My Born-again Christian Husband and Here’s Why

Dear MIMsters: I Have No More Affection for My Born-again Christian Husband and Here’s Why

I desperately need advice from mums on this platform, especially those in the same situation as me. Is it possible to love or still have affection for a cheating husband? I discovered last year that my husband has been cheating on me with several ladies, both married and single. The most worrisome part is that he’s a born-again Christian.

We both are. I’ve confronted him in the past after I randomly found chats with different ladies on his phone and some nude pics of him and them. He apologised but never stopped.

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Unknown to me, he’s been like this even before we got married cause some of the chats dated back to the period we were dating. We’ve been married for three years now with two children.

I’ve decided not to talk to him about it again because most times it ends ends up in arguments and quarrels. I have left everything to God as I honestly don’t know what else to do.

I don’t deny him of sex whenever he comes around cause the bible is against such but I’m also not actively involved. I really can’t explain how I feel about him anymore as I don’t show any feelings towards him. He recently asked who my affection is with cause if its not with him, then it’s with someone else.

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Hence I ask: Is it possible to still love a cheating husband? PS: l’m not seeing anyone else and have no intention of doing so. Thanks.

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  • Am as well confused here, so we should trust no one, believer or not, cos i don’t see how a born again christian will be involved in this and still ask about affection……

  • First off, he is far from being a born again christian. Secondly, there’s no use been in a loveless matriage. How do you cope?

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