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Common Causes Of Painful Sex And What To Do (Part Two)

Common Causes Of Painful Sex And What To Do (Part Two)

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The superficial value of sex would seem to be pleasure. Although it’s deeper than just pleasure, we’re not here to talk about the sweet and pleasant aspects of the act. We’re here to talk about when it hurt to have sex, and what to do about it. If sex is painful, then there is a problem.

Continued from part one

5. Infections
Some common genital infections could be the ones responsible for taking the joy and satisfaction out of your sex life. Skin conditions like eczema on the vagina can be the cause. However, the usual suspects include bacterial vaginosis (which is more common) and yeast infections. They both cause genital discomfort, painful sex and some embarrassment.
Good thing is, with early detection, vaginally infections are easy to treat. Make sure you go for regular check ups, painful sex or not. Some infections are good at hiding until they have caused real damage.

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6. Endometriosis
This is a condition where the tissue lining that’s supposed to grow inside the uterus starts growing outside the uterus. It occurs in about 7 % of women and can cause excruciating pain during penetration and intercourse.
Endometriosis would need your doctor’s attention because it requires surgery and probably some prescriptions for pain relief.

7. Genital Size
Sometimes, the size of the woman’s vagina may be too small or her partner’s may be too big in terms of length and/or width. The result is that it hurts during penetration and/or when the thrusting motions are too fast or hard. Except the woman communicates her pain to the guy, there is no way he would know.
The remedy is first, let him know. Give directions when having sex. You could also experiment with different positions as some could be more comfortable than others. Got a copy of the Karma Sutra?

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8. Vaginismus
There are a few reasons why a woman will be anxious or scared about having sex. Maybe she has been raped before or she’s been told traumatising stories about sex and injuries that could occur, she just finds herself apprehensive when it comes to time for sex. Such fear could give rise to a condition called Vaginismus. It’s characterised by involuntary spasms of the vaginal walls. Remember one of the signs of arousal is the opening and expansion of the vagina walls. A spasm could make it clamp shut making penetration difficult and painful when achieved.

This is more of a psychological issue and should therefore be corrected by therapy. Your doctor could also advise or direct you to a physiotherapist that would show you exercises aimed at relaxing the affected muscles.

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There are probably other causes of pain during intercourse. These are a few common causes that could be solved with knowledgeable guidance. Try and talk to your doctor, other wives and your partner -in no particular order. This is very important as many women are led to believe that sex always involves pain. This is not necessarily true. Speak our and get expert opinion on this sensitive issue. It could make or break your relationship.

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