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Dear MIMsters: Would You Include the Name of a Husband Like Mine in Your Title Deed?

Dear MIMsters: Would You Include the Name of a Husband Like Mine in Your Title Deed?

Once I have reached out to you Mimsters on this platform about my husband.

My story was about my husband who made me stop my supply business finally. It first started that whenever we have a misunderstanding, he would prevent me from using the things he bought with his money for my business.

After seeking for advice here, I asked him for a divorce and this made him change his attitude in that regards. The only thing he hasn’t stopped doing is womanizing.

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That being said, the another problem I am dealing with is my husband’s plan to relocate and retire in the village. He always tells me that when he retires, we will all relocate to the village to live.

I have always told him I will never leave the city life where I was born and brought up to relocate to the village to spend the rest of my life there. That for me is very impossible.

I have spoken to him severally but he has bluntly refused and won’t give in. Now ,I want to buy a land here in the city and this is where I need your advice.

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1)should i inform him about it?

2)should I buy the land with both our names as  Mr/Mrs even when he is not aware of the land?

3) if the land is bought with either my name or our names do you advice I build the house without his assistance?

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  • You don’t have to include his name in the land document if he is not contributing half of the money for the land. Let him know you want to invest your money in property development for renting. This may turn out to be your retirement home in the city when he goes back to the village.

  • Whatever you have to do, do without his knowledge and buy in your name. A man that womanizes doesn’t love you one bit. God forbid tomorrow he takes the property away from you.

  • Buy in your name alone. Do not tell him about it. Build your house and rent it out until he retires. If he insists on going to the village, pack out into your own house and let him go to the village alone.

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