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Dear MIMsters: My Son’s Refusal to Speak Is Killing Me

Dear MIMsters: My Son’s Refusal to Speak Is Killing Me

My son will be 3 years in September. The problem is that at 3, he cannot communicate very well with me. He only has a few words like ball, egg, apple, water, give me, mine and this is killing me.

When I ask him questions, he doesn’t answer until I start singing with the questions before he answers. It is as if he has a mind of his own. He’s very hyperactive though. He’s found always climbing and jumping from one place to another. He can play all day long from when he wakes up in the morning until he goes to bed. Due to this hyperactivity, I have reasons to believe his nanny in school beat him if they are not patient enough.

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But why doesn’t he answer when I call him? But when I call his name to come and take something he likes, he answers. I know that he virtually understands everything I say to him.

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I often send him on little errands which he seems to understand but he won’t talk. He only mumbles things I cannot understand. I am planning to take him for a medical check up soon but I just want to know if someone here has experienced anything of such. Please share with me.

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    • It might be really nothing because my nephew was like that.. At 3, his speech was incoherent, he could say only few words, most times sef he uses gestures but he was hyperactive.. Still is….. My mum and sister were scared but as time went by he finally talked… And God, you need to hear the words that comes out of his mouth ehn… You can take him for a check up but I doubt if there is anything.. Good luck ma’am…

  • Your son sounds like he may have delayed speech or be on the autism spectrum. It’s better to take him to a paediatrician for a check up so you can have peace of mind

  • This is delayed speech and you might need to take him to a specialist or let him grow at his pace cos all children ain’t the same.

  • Theres really nothing to be afraid i also have a 3 year old son…his speech is still very incoherent….sometimes he gets angry when we dont understand him and he wilk then refuse to talk again…jus give him some time,children are differnt and each have their own unique pace.

  • You said he could play all day does that mean he does not fall asleep from fatigue then you need to see a doctor, he needs rest for his brain and pray for him he needs that very much too

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