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Amazing! Pregnant Woman Births Baby Herself After 3 Hours of Dancing| Watch Video

Amazing! Pregnant Woman Births Baby Herself After 3 Hours of Dancing| Watch Video

A heavily pregnant Nigerian woman was captured dancing vigorously for 3 hours until she eventually gave birth to a healthy baby. The video has gone viral on social media.

The beginning of labor may be subtle or dramatic, and it happens differently in every woman. In some women, the cervix dilates to three centimeters well before any noticeable, real contractions (or labor) begin.

Other women may have strong contractions that don’t change her cervical dilation at all. But in general, the early phase brings some effacement (thinning and softening of the cervix) and dilation to three centimeters over a period of hours or days.

The “water” may “break” (rupture of membranes) in this early phase, or this may happen later in the first or second stage, either on its own or with help from your practitioner.

Research reveal that a short, leisurely walk or activity would be fine, and might even help speed the labor along.

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Photo credit: Youtube

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In this woman’s case, she went through all of the delivery stages on her own and even acted as her own physician. We are so glad that both mother and child are doing fine.

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Photo credit:Facebook/ Okonkwo Cynthia

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Watch video below…

Great dancer!

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