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Dear MIMsters: Why Hubby Is Threatening Me if I Don’t Abort This Pregnancy

Dear MIMsters: Why Hubby Is Threatening Me if I Don’t Abort This Pregnancy

I am pregnant with my second child and my hubby is threatening me if I don’t abort it.

He has told me to abort this pregnant or he will hate me till I die.

This is because according to my hubby, he doesn’t want another baby till our first child who is one and a half year old is four years old. He is angry with me because when he asked me if I was his ovulating, I said no. That was because I didn’t know that I was ovulating.

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Now, he is putting the blame of this pregnancy on me. The worst part for me is that it looks like my hubby is now distancing himself from me as he now addresses me by my name instead of the ‘baby’ he used to call me.

He has also banned me from sleeping in his room again. He has said that if I want peace in my home that I should abort the pregnancy or face humiliation and frustration.

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The truth is I am so frustrated and confused to the point that I am considering an abortion. I need your advice on what to do and how to handle this.

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  • Don’t abort your baby. Let his and your family members know about his action. If he gets too hostile i suggest you move in with your parents till he calms down.And please don’t hesitate to put it in prayers.You are blessed my Sister.

  • my dear sis pls dont settle for an abortion? how are u sure he will be so loving again after d crime. my advice is for u to go on ur kneels and beg God to av mercy on u.He is the Unchangeable changer

  • Did you climb ontop yourself and got yourself preggy? Frustrate him too, who does he think he is? You sleep with a woman unprotected and what do you expect? A plasma TV? Please don’t let him get you worked up and do not abort your baby.

  • Are you not married to this man legally. Pls don’t abort the pregnancy. You don’t know the plan of God for the baby and the blessing that will follow when you keep the baby. What if you become barren after abortion or even loose your life in the process. Don’t give into the pressure to abort no matter the circumstances or challenge you face. Pray to God to strengthen you to have the baby. Also pray that God will give your hubby a change of heart. It is well with you at this time.

  • Don’t abort that baby,to u and ur husband, it may be a mistake but to God its a miracle,u don’t know what that child will be in future,it won’t be easy but trust God,he will see u through.

  • My dear, don’t abort the baby. You don’t know the child’s destiny. He/she might grow to be a light to the family. Get your parent and his parent involved in the matter. They would talk sense into him. And most importantly, pray for God’s intervention in the matter. Don’t displease God while trying to please your husband. My eldest Sis was once faced with this issue, she kept the pregnancy against the husband’s demand for an abortion, now the baby turns out to be the husband’s favourite child.

  • my dear there are couples out there begging God for a child and here is a man that God ha
    s blessed don’t listen to him keep your baby God will deal with him for ever trying to stress you up

  • This is shocking. How can a man be so eager to kill his own blood? Not even illegitimate child. I am speechless. Like d first comment, involve d families.

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