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Watch: Married Woman Thinks ‘Side Chicks’ are Important & Should Be Recognised!

Watch: Married Woman Thinks ‘Side Chicks’ are Important & Should Be Recognised!

A married woman from South Africa has sparked a heated debate after she declared in a trending video that side chicks are important and should be recognized not marginalized.

According to her, many wives are already tired of being saddled with so much responsibilities like having to deal with their kids, demanding jobs and still take care of their men.

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The least wives can do, this woman says, is to outsource and allow side chicks service their husbands. She also said she knows a lot of married women will attack or oppose her but if they would only be sincere it is true.

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The woman went on to say the society should recognise the importance of those ladies willing to be side chicks, she gave an example of someone with three children, who has a career and still has to come home to her husband.

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Is having a side chick not infidelity? Or is there any justification for an affair in marriage? Let us know your thoughts.

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  • This one has lost her mind. If you can handle a career and your kids, what burden is handling a man now putting on you? The food you’re making for your kids is not different from the one the man is eating or is it having sex that is being enjoyed by both parties that is now stressful? Madam please go have some seats at the back.

  • Allowing side chicks in a marriage is called open marriage which ought to be discouraged because marriage is between two people and not the entire fish in an ocean. What a world!!! When are we going to stop accepting everything as ok? Did this woman think this comment through at all?

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