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”Housemaids will Tempt Your Husband’s Libido” – Twitter User Advises Married Women

”Housemaids will Tempt Your Husband’s Libido” – Twitter User Advises Married Women

A Twitter user, Akinkunmi Ayo Deji, who is a soon-to-be married man, has taken to his handle to advice married women not hire house maids to assist in handling the house duties as they could be tempting their husband’s sex drive.

In the post that has sparked debates on social media, Akinkunmi advised that getting a maid could only make the husband prone to falling for her and end up making her the second wife.

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Here’s his tweets below;

”You ladies better take a hold of your homes yourself and forget the yeye housemaids. Thou shall not tempt your husband’s libido.

You see, that’s how babes marry second wife for their husbands inadvertently. House maid ko!”

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The conversation continues;

”Honestly, my fiancee was asking me yesterday whether I want a wife or house help? Wouldn’t she help at home as wife?

Then someone commented; saying ”some of these boys are not men. They are looking for omo odo (house maid), and not wives.”

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Akinkunmi continues; ”Never underrate the power of Adrenalinemadam. I can’t go and be testing my oogun aiku in the presence of trailer on express! Biko.

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  • Mtscheeew. I hope his to be wife is reading this trash. He is not married yet and he is spewing bullshit. I pity whoever is marrying him because she will just become a maid. He doesn’t have any discipline of any sort to think of a maid in that manner.

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