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A Testimony: I Feared I Would Never Get Married Nor Have Kids But Look at Me Today

A Testimony: I Feared I Would Never Get Married Nor Have Kids But Look at Me Today

Back then in 2009, I started fighting the spiritual battle of spiritual husband and marine spirit. I always had wet dreams. This man would and make love to me and I would feel like it is real life. I feared that I wasn’t going to get married, let alone have a baby.

Every relationship I tried failed. Once it was getting serious, they would hate and leave me for no reason.

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The battle continued till 2014 when a bad prophesy came that I would die. I started seeing my enemy’s corpse in my dream. I started seeing myself being buried in my dreams. Mom cried everyday. But the God that never fails didn’t let it happen.

That same April 2014, I met my husband. He was every thing I had always wanted in life. But I wasn’t serious with him. I was still leaving in the shadow of myself. But he never got tired. I started becoming serious with him in the 7th month of our relationship.

To God be the glory, I scaled through 2014 and I got married in the middle of 2015. God has continued to dwell in my marriage. He gave me the best man on earth.

Before I got married, I was always having bad thoughts that I wasn’t going to give birth. But the miraculous God made me pregnant in the 4th week after our wedding. Nine months after, I gave birth.

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Though delivery wasn’t easy but God proved himself. Few months after I had my baby, I started getting bad prophesies about having a delay. Another prayer started. Then I started having wet dreams again. I was scared and terrified. I thought that was the end.

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Just few days ago, I tested positive to another pregnancy. I know the God that saved and helped me the first time will help me carry this pregnancy to full term. I also pray for everyone that is passing through spiritual and infertility challenges that the Lord will introduce Himself in your lives.

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