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Dear MIMsters: All I Need Now is Prayers

Dear MIMsters: All I Need Now is Prayers

My story started after I lost my job in 2015. I got a good job in 2009 immediately I graduated and in 2010, I got married to a man who was not working but had a very good ambition and we are now blessed with two lovely boys.

All through the marriage, I have been the one footing all the bills like, school fees, house rents, feeding and so on. All he kept saying was he will get a job and take over the responsibilities of the house, which he never did.

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I always give him the respect he deserved as the head of the family despite I was the only one footing all the bills.

In 2011, when I was pregnant with our first child, he travelled to America with the help of his family members as they were able to secure an American Green Card for him so he could move over with his family.

In 2012, he came back from America empty handed after working there for one year and refused to go back nor take us (his family) over. Since he came back, he has refused to do anything to help the family financially. All he does is smoke weed, drink and womanize.

I have been the only one taking care of the house until I lost my job in 2015. Since then, life has not been easy for me and my children. My kids have been out of school for one year now.

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In fact right now, I am in a serious pain because I caught my husband red handed raping my little niece who is living with me in the middle of the night. She told me he started rapping her when she was just nine years old and now she is twelve. This means he has been sleeping with her consistently for 3 years.

She said each time I go out to look for job, my husband will put on a pornographic movie for both of them to watch before he’ll start using her. She also said my husband threatened to kill her if she tells anyone.

I was expecting my husband to feel remorseful for what he had done, instead he beat me up thoroughly when I confronted him.

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Please all I need now is prayer from all of you so I can get a miracle job before school resumes as my children need to go back to school by September this year.

I am so depressed right now because I can’t even provide three square meal for my little kids who are 5 and 3 years old. I have never been a happy woman ever since I got married 7 years ago.

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  • Madam I feel so bad for you right now, especially for those little kids. What I think you need now is to move away from the beast you’re living with, you need to take that innocent little cousin to a rehabilitation center, the human rights needs to be involved in this matter, your husband should be cooling off in jail for this heinous crime. Take your children away from that fool before he starts molesting them.

  • All you need is prayer for a job? No woman, what you need now is divorce from that beast. So after you found out about your niece what did you do next after confronting your hubby? You let it go because he beat you? You need to report him to the police and then get a divorce afterwards.

  • what u need now is not just a long walk from him but a fast n long run from him..leave dat human demon

  • I have a friend who experience something similar. In this case it was a 13yr old girl living with them and he was unapologetic when she found out. She had two kids too and was also footing the bills. She was in her late 20s when she insisted against plenty talks and filled for a divorce. Today she’s 34 and happily remarried to wonderful young man who was very single. My dear, you are in a cancerous relationship. If you have siblings or parents that can help you with your kids while you learn a skill and also apply for jobs, please flee that marriage. It will damage your kids. It will be rough at first, but you will live through and past it. You are walking on a very thin glass right now. My heart bleeds.

  • What you need more than prayers and a job, is to go straight to the police. You need to protect your niece , your boys and all the children from this monster you call husband. For all you know, he could have already raped your boys too.

  • Why do some women condone such nonsense? Aside not fending for his family,look at what he has done to that little girl. My dear, you are better off without him. Divorce him with immediate effect. As for the little girl who has defiled get her a psychologist since the beast of a husband can’t be jailed now due to lack of evidence. Please note that next time someone is raped take the person to the hospital for medical report then to the police before the person takes her bath. Don’t try settling rape case at home no matter who is involved. You don’t always need prayers, God gave you that brain for a purpose, use it.

  • Chooks I totally agree with you. That little girl deserves justice and the only way you can do that is to send your husband packing aftreall you paid the rent. Report him to NGOs and get the police to back up your action. This little girl needs your support to get over the trauma.
    You can’t continue living with this man, he is good for nothing! This man is a star killer, he came into your life to ruin it. For the sake of your children, he has to leave. You can’t tell how this relationship will affect your girls in future…seeing their father not working, smoking weed, abusing their mom, not contributing anything to the family, womanizing, etc. Don’t think they are too young to know what’s happening, kids see everything. Don’t let them grow up in this mess

  • Hmm , this is so painful poster may God grant you the breakthrough you desire and the wisdom to deal with that glory killer of a husband

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