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9 Steps To Declutter Your Home (Part One)

9 Steps To Declutter Your Home (Part One)

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A cluttered home makes it difficult for you to find things when you need them. It also provides many hiding places for rats and roaches and you know very well what threats these pose to your family’s health. You need to declutter.

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Time and energy might make the task of declutter seem harder than it is. Add to that the sentimental values we attach to some of our possessions and the task becomes even farther from possible. However, this is something you simply cannot avoid. Here are a few simple steps you can take to make the task of decluttering less overwhelming. Let’s take back your sanctuary.

1. Prepare Your Mind

Like we mentioned briefly, the task of decluttering your home may seem herculean in nature. You paid good money for some of these things while some come with memories of a special time in your life. However, you need to be realistic. The monetary value of those possessions might have dropped and you should be living in the present with your eyes on the future so why do you really want to keep those souvenirs from years passed? Do you really want to put your health and peace of mind at risk over some mundane items? That’s a no no so steel your mind and get ready to get rid of stuff or just keep them elsewhere. Decluttering doesn’t involve throwing stuff away.

2. Mark Out The Cluttered Zones

It may not be all the parts of your house that needs Decluttering. You need to map out the rooms and zones you need to work on. For instance, it may be only your room and the kitchen that needs to be decongested. Then again,  it may only be your wardrobe and the cupboard in the kitchen that needs your attention. Mapping the clutter zones will help you know where to start and how to go about it. Note that this exercise could take anything from a day to a couple of weeks.

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3. Get Your Declutter Tools

You don’t need much. Just some gloves and three large containers. They could be plastic bins or empty cartons. One should be used for stuff that you have to throw away and should be labelled as such. The other should be used for stuff you have to keep elsewhere (labelled “re-arrange”) while the third should be labelled “give away” or “donation”. Not everything will be completely useless but at the same time, it’s not every useful thing that will be used so they should be given out or even sold.

4. One Room At A Time.

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You might easily exhaust yourself if you do not do this in an organised way. Try to complete one place at a time. Do not jump from your wardrobe to the kitchen when your bathroom and dresser still need your decluttering attention. Finish one room before moving to another.

5. Flat Surfaces First

It could be your dresser, nightstand, shelves or table; make sure you clear out the flat surfaces first before moving to drawers and closets. This is so that you can see everything you put there at a glance. These spots are places that easily get cluttered because they seem to just beg us to drop stuff on them. Bills, newspapers and magazines, keys and other odd bits are examples of what we just toss on the flat surfaces but those are not necessarily the best or most ideal places for them.

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