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Dear MIMsters: How Do I Make My Husband Pay Dearly For This?

Dear MIMsters: How Do I Make My Husband Pay Dearly For This?

I am so dejected as I type this message. My husband has to pay back dearly for this.

My so called ‘good and caring’ husband since 2 years did the least thing I expected from him to me last night. As if that is not enough, he is threatening to do more. He beat me up.

He pounced on me last night over a minor argument about our daughter. It was such a shameful moment for me as I had to scream so loud for help, but nobody came to help me. I called his married elder sister who lives in another state to report to her (something I hate to do most in my life).

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She has been trying to make peace between us since yesterday but to no avail as this issue is heating up even more and we have both said so many hurtful words to each other.

Even though all my siblings live in Lagos as we do, I’ve been so embarrased to report to any of them because they hold us and our marriage in high esteem and always use us as a good example to others.

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I can’t tell my mum who lives in another state because the news of her last child turned into a punching bag will affect my mother’s already fragile health. Meanwhile, we both work in the same organisation and he knows how much I hate domestic violence.

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Now my problem is I need advice and suggestions on how to deal with him and make him pay dearly for his actions and finance is not be a problem. We dated and courted for years before we finally took our vows. In these two year until now, he has never showed any sign of this violence, and I can’t think of separation for now because of my job.

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  • Organize area boys to beat the hell out of him too or get his ass arrested by reporting to the police. If you don’t nip this in the bud now, it will continue. This is how it starts, he beats you today and you do nothing, he will do it again tomorrow. I always tell my boyfriend the day he beats me, I will organize for his bones to be broken lol.

  • it’s true just arrange area boys to beat him up and after beating him they should warn him not to beat any woman again that immediately they saw him something told them DAT he is a woman beater and if he should try beat a woman again be it his wife or any woman they will come for him and make sure they break his hand if u do this he won’t know DAT u were d one DAT sent them to beat him

  • Please just take it easy.Don’t revenge he will come back to his senses.There are better ways to deal with him than arranging area boys.if u still want to retain ur home don’t do that.if u get him arrested you won’t enjoy that home far this is his first time give him grace to change.

    • This is not the time for soft talk. Rent a place and give him his space. Make him understand that you won’t take violence from anyone. Every violence starts like this. If he wants you back, he has to earn it.

  • Dear poster I will advice u not to follow these people sweet talk some even advice you to get area boys to rough handle him in my case I might suggest hired killer. But dear that shouldn’t be the case u need to calm urself down and speak to ur hubby have a heart to heart discussion with him and also pray dear poster as it is the solution to whatever problem u might be going true remember u said u have always been a role model to others please don’t destroy such a wonderful marriage just bcos of some mistake

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