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7 Natural Ways To Boost A Low Sperm Count (Part Two)

7 Natural Ways To Boost A Low Sperm Count (Part Two)

Eyinade Eweje

Low sperm count, one of the leading causes of male infertility, is responsible for a lot of today’s couples’ inability to conceive. For those battling this condition, in addition to necessary medical intervention(s), here are 7 natural ways to boost your sperm count…

Continued from part one

3. Your lifestyle habits

Quit smoking, avoid secondhand smoke, and excessive alcohol and caffeine intake.

Heat can also reduce sperm production, so, avoid hot baths and other activities that heat up your sperm. Tight-fitting underwear and sitting for too long may increase temperature in your private area and limit sperm production. Avoid these.

Studies show electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) also reduce sperm count by heating up the testicles. Avoid keeping your cell phone in your pocket and placing your computer on your lap.

Avoid indiscriminate use of drugs too as prolonged use of some have been reported to decrease sperm count. Always ask your doctor for a prescription.

In addition, manage or limit stress as it has quite significant adverse effects on both male and female fertility. Find ways to relax and have fun regularly, try to minimize anxiety and get adequate sleep. An average of 7 – 8 of sleep per night is recommended for adults.

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4. Have timely intercourse

Some experts say delaying sex for five days or more may impair sperm quality and motility. So, preferably, save up for at most 2 days (48 hours) to maintain optimal sperm health.

Men with baby-making goals should also note their wife’s fertile window for timely sex and remember to choose sperm-friendly lubricants, as some lubricants have been proven to have adverse effects on sperm count, quality and motility.

5. Maintain an ideal weight

Is your weight ideal for your height? Losing or adding the required amount of weight, as the case may be, may also help. While being too skinny may result in decreased libido and structural changes to reproductive tissues in men, obesity has been linked to low sperm count and impotence, perhaps due to increased temperature fuelled by excess fat near the testes.

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6. Moderate regular exercise

In addition to all the aforementioned, regular exercise, perhaps 45 minutes of exercises such as brisk walking and swimming, 5 times per week, also help.

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Note that excessive exercise may however impede your goal. So, if you are on a rigourous exercise regimen, you should take it easy as this may be affecting your sperm count and overall fertility.

7. Use organic grooming products

Opt for organic products if you can. If not, you should read labels and avoid soaps, perfumes, shaving creams, and so on that contain phthalates, as they are said to destroy sperm. In addition, avoid steroids.

Finally, these steps won’t yield results overnight. Be consistent with implementing them and you should get expected outcomes between 2 – 3 months.

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