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Dear MIMsters: Will My Plans About My Daughter Backfire?

Dear MIMsters: Will My Plans About My Daughter Backfire?

I am making plans to go and drop my daughter with my mother-in-law as I do not have any job to sustain us. Her father has not been responding to my calls and text messages since I left his village. I am just afraid my plans may backfire.
My daughter is a year and three months old. Her father abandon us in the village a year and five months ago and has refused to bring us home with him to Port Harcourt. When I call him, he won’t pick my calls nor return any of my messages, so, I decided to leave the village with my baby for Abuja.
Since I left, he has not bothered to ask after my welfare or his daughter’s welfare.
So since my mother in-law is a well to do caterer, financially stable and is very capable of sponsoring her grandchild to school and can feed her, I decided to drop her with the grandma. I do not want my baby to suffer with me.
I promise to pay them a visit every month and at least send some money for her upkeep. However, my fear is: when I’m financially stable and capable of supporting my child, will she allow me take her then? Will my ex-husband the take my child away from his mum so that I won’t be able to see her again? This is my only fear now. I need an advice.
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  • Please keep your daughter with you, if you’re soaking garri, kindly soak it together. Nobody will take care of your child more than you. Secondly, the way the girl child is being treated and seen as a sex tool these days is scary, don’t let this child be a victim of any form of abuse.

  • Wherever you go or whatever you decide to do, please keep your daughter with you. Only you can care for your child properly.

  • Hello MIMSter, I can relate with you on so many levels but it’s never a better option to keep ur baby away from you. NO ONE can look after your baby better than you no matter how well to do people around you are. Keep the faith, things will turn out very well… Believe it!

  • Please keep ur daughter with u. Sometimes in life these kids needs to know how it feels to be broke nd rich at different phases of life so they can relate in future though ur daughter is still too young for that but pls work harder and keep her with u. Don’t stop praying to God to help and see u through

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