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This Photo Captures Intimacy in 29-Year Marriage of Pastor Joseph & Rosemomd Eastwood

This Photo Captures Intimacy in 29-Year Marriage of Pastor Joseph & Rosemomd Eastwood

The President of Eastwood Anaba Ministries (EAM) Ghana, Joseph Eastwood Anaba and his wife Rosemond celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary yesterday, 4th of September.

To join the celebrations, motivational speaker and radio host, Jumoke Adenowo shared this candid photo of the pair (above) with this deep caption:

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My candid photo of Pastor Eastwood and Pastor Rosemond ! Back story – Pastor Eastwood and I were ministering in Accra and as a revivalist he would lay hands on almost all the crowd.

What people don’t know is the aftermath of what we go through as ministers – usually after such a session you feel like you are on a mountain, a definitely different plane and the descent takes its toll … so here he rests where he feels SAFEST … does your loved one feel this safe with you? Safe enough to be vulnerable? Or must he have MONEY ? Or must she “represent ” 24/7 ( or whatever it is men want from women these days ? ????????‍♀️)

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There WILL BE highs and lows ! May you find love with someone with whom you will feel safe in the highs and the lows ! If you have found such love, I rejoice with you as I rejoice with the Anabas on their 29th wedding anniversary.

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If you are working on the choice or working on your marriage may the oil that makes all things beautiful be yours …! May God’s loving arms cradle that marriage and heal it from within!”

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