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Dear MIMsters: How Do I Tell A Hubby Like Mine About His Bad Breathe?

Dear MIMsters: How Do I Tell A Hubby Like Mine About His Bad Breathe?

How do I go about telling hubby he has a bad breathe or mouth odor without hurting his ego?
We haven’t been best of friends for a long time now. This is because there has always been one problem or the other in our marriage. I feel if I mention that he a mouth odour to him, he might not take it serious because of our constant quarrels.
To me, he’ll think I’m only trying to hurt his feelings. This bad breathe has been there for sometime now.
Initially, I suggested we all change our toothpaste to another toothpaste I learnt is good but he refused and continued with the toothpaste he has been using since time immemorial. As time went on, I introduced mouth wash to the family. Everybody except hubby uses it. When I asked him why he doesn’t use it, he said he’s never and doesn’t use mouth wash!
Later, I started encouraging myself and the kids to brush our teeth twice a day. Again, he totally ignored us. With time, he started having problems with one of his tooth until it came out. I took that opportunity to tell him, he should take good care of his teeth since it shows that there’s problem with his teeth but it has yielded no result.
Now, his mouth smells so much that I feel uncomfortable when we are in the midst of people and he starts talking. I’m always wondering what will be going on in their mind.
Yesterday, I tried my last shot by taking the children to the dental clinic to get their teeth accessed since school is about reopening. I told hubby he should join us to the dentist and again, he totally ignored me!
Now I’m tired! It’s affecting our sexual life. I’m one person who use to love kissing but for some years now, I avoid it. I dislike s*x especially at dawn all because of the odor that emanates from his mouth.
I have tried everything but hubby is just one difficult person! Now I’m thinking about just being blunt and telling him as it is but I fear it might not work. Please help me. How do I go about this problem?
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  • Be blunt and tell him straight up he has a bad breathe. Trust me he will start to worry about it and might try to seek a solution.

  • tell him he has a bad breath n point out all d ways u Ve tried to help out… but turned down he would have a rethink

  • U have really tried at this point. U need to let him know of it but be calm when trying to tell him nd give him instances of them u have tried to tell him but all to no avail. Pray for wisdom to go about it well

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