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Dear MIMsters: How Do I Mend Things With My SIL Whose Relationship Is Very Important To Me

Dear MIMsters: How Do I Mend Things With My SIL Whose Relationship Is Very Important To Me

Please advise me on how to mend things with my SIL whose relationship is very important to me.

I lived with my sister-in-law who has been so nice to me. She was very open with me and we always had intimate conversations about her life, and her marriage. I learned a lot from her in every aspect of life. But today my relationship with her is over because I made a mistake. A terrible one at that.

Whenever she told me about her marital problems, I always tried to encourage her by also sharing similar experiences that I witnessed at my own sister’s house. It was like the same marital problems happening in two different home while I was caught between my own sister and my SIL.

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Each time my sister tells me her problems, I would make her understand she is not alone in the issue by using my SIL as an example and vice versa. That was my way of helping.

One day, I had a little misunderstanding with my sister while I was still living with my SIL. To get back at me, my sister called my SIL and told her that she is aware of all the problems she’s facing in her home because I have been bringing all the information about her life to her.

Not just that, she embellished her stories with so many lies just to paint me black to my SIL. My sister knows I only have my SIL to live with yet, she went ahead to tell her. After tell my SIL all these, my sis never once called me to warn me about what she’d done.

I only got to know when I got a call from my SIL in anger. She was furious with me.

Finally, my SIL told me to leave her house because she was no longer comfortable to have me live with her. She also called my husband and told him. My husband ended up renting a place for me.

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When my sister got to know that I now have my own place to live in, she called my SIL again and told her more negative and damaging things about me.

The result of that is, today, my SIL told me never to come to her house again. Please tell me, what should  I do? The relationship I had with my SIL is so important to me. How do I mend things with her?

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  • Wow! Give your sister-in-law some time. You fed into the insecurities we all have about sharing things personal to us with 2nd parties, whether family or otherwise. What makes your situation worse is that you are an ‘in-law’and you fell into the in-law stereotype. We all make mistakes and anyone could have done what you did. It will take time for her to trust you. Apologize and leave it be. Just keep being you. As for your sister, if you’ve mended fences let her clean up her damage but if not, stay very far away from her and watch her expose herself. It’s a matter of time. All the best.

  • You should be more worried about the devil you call a sister. Let your sister in law be, with time she will see the truth about everything that has happened.

  • What kinda sister do you have? Please let your SIL be for now, you can approach her later when she can give you audience.

  • Ur sister is not ur blood,she is just an ordinary sister by flesh,I will advice u send a long text mssg to ur SIL,begged her and tell her everything u told ur sis and why u did so.let her know how impo ur relationship with her is and how much length u can go just to prove to her DT u are sorry for breaking the trust by telling ur so called sis,explain DT the same way u always tell her about ur sis is the same way uve been telling ur sis about her without thinking of any repercussions DT its bcos u love her too as a sister and she needs to believe u.
    After all,u also telling ur SIL about ur sister too who is a FAM,so just take it calm nd pray for divine intervention speedily

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