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10 Self Health Checks Every Woman Should Do (Part Two)

10 Self Health Checks Every Woman Should Do (Part Two)

By Ndidi Adekunle

Living, for today’s woman, is certainly made easier, albiet faster paced. When it comes to health matters, the information age is agog with how to’s and simple DIYs. For obvious reasons, good health remains a top priority for every woman. We bring you then, these simple DIYs to keep you monitoring basic aspects of your health as you live to see those beautiful dreams come true.

Continued from part one

6. Nail Check For Kidney Malfunction: If white horizontal bands seem to appear at the base of your nails, and you feel fatigue simultaneously with the appearance of the white discoloration, please ditch the children’s superstition that it’s ‘shokolokobangoshey,’ a gift from a flock of doves flying across the sky. Leave that as pure hogwash and go see a doctor ASAP because that could very well be a signal from your body that your kidneys aren’t filtering protein adequately from your urine, experts say. This translates into your body losing much protein, which can lead to kidney failures.

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7. Armpit/ Nail/ Groin Check For Diabetes: A sudden patch of rough, dry skin in your armpit, neck or even your groin, may be an indication of diabetes. Here’s why; excess insulin in the blood stream apparently, can cause skin cells to multiply abnormally, leading to a buildup of tissue and melanin. That’s what is responsible for your skin looking darker and thicker.

Go see a doctor for a simple blood test for insulin, if you notice these signs.

8. Scalp Check For Excessive Stress: If you find your scalp shedding like a snake, it may not be a problem with your brand of shampoo. It could actually be your body’s signal for excessive stress, which doctors say can cause your body to produce excess amounts of a hormone called cortisol which messes with your immune system, making you more susceptible to infection. It also dries out the scalp, causing your scalp to shed lots of embarrassing skin.

If you notice such symptoms, then, it’s time to down scale your tight schedules and take life easier.

9. Self-check For Clinical Depression: Do you always feel sad or irritable? Do you suddenly have no interest in the things you used to love doing? Have you gained or lost much weight? Have your sleeping patterns changed? Do you often entertain feelings of guilt? Are you unable to concentrate, remember things or make decisions? Has fatigue and loss of energy become something you’re well acquainted with? Are you restless and people who know you are worried about your level of decreased activity? Do you often feel hopeless or worthless? Do you find yourself meditating on suicide or death?

If you find yourself answering yes to more than half of these questions, book an appointment with a mental health doctor or psychiatrist for an evaluation.

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10. Genital Self Checks: Doctors advice that women take time to know their bodies. That way, it’s easy to notice any strange appearances when they occur. To do this self check, sit, squat or stand over a mirror. Look for any white, reddish areas around the vulva as well as any new moles, lesions, sores, lumps, regular white and cloudy discharge, anything strange really aside from normal changes due to age.

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Consult your doctor ASAP with any findings. You may be saving yourself from cervical cancer or other related cancers.

Have yourself checked out routinely to beat deadly diseases.

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