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Toyin Lawani Thinks Something Good Came out of Her Multiple Fibroid Surgeries | See Details

Toyin Lawani Thinks Something Good Came out of Her Multiple Fibroid Surgeries | See Details

In 2015, celebrity designer, Toyin Lawani disclosed that she had Fibroid while she was pregnant with her two children, she also shared photos from the surgery (read here).

According to the single mom of two, she lost tons of weight from her recent fibroid issues and have had four surgeries but it keeps coming back and it makes her lose weight.

However it may not be a good thing for fibroid to keep re occurring but she claims to be enjoying her slimmer body, as she put it, ‘reap the fruits of this slimmer body’. 

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The serial entrepreneur went ahead to say that in every bad situation that happens, something good tend to come out of it, this means she is thankful to the fibroid for her lose of weight.

She shared a video of her self doing a shoot for her new Tiannah underwear collection and wrote:

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Meaning in every Bad thing that happens to you in life,something Good comes out from it????????.”

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