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Dear MIMsters: My Husband Hasn’t Penetrated Me Since We Wedded 9 Months Ago

Dear MIMsters: My Husband Hasn’t Penetrated Me Since We Wedded 9 Months Ago

I got married 9 months ago as a virgin. My husband wa a virgin too but we have not been able to have real sex because the pain is too much for me.

He was able to break through with his finger but it is still difficult to have the main penetration. It’s like my hole is too tiny for him.

I visited a gynaecologist who told me nothing is wrong with me and to keep trying after checking me. After trying over again without any luck, I visited another gynaecologist (abroad), where I now reside.

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She told me that I had a toilet infection which could be the cause of the pain I always feel but it wasn’t a serious one and I was treated. She also said she noticed I wasn’t relaxed when she was inserting her equipment down there hence, the reason why my vaginal muscles becomes so tight.

I feel pain anytime something is about to go in there.

Everyone I sort advice from would always tell me to relax my muscles but I have tried my best to relax and I can’t bear the pain whenever hubby tries.

I completed my medication for the infection recently and would like to try again but I need your advice on how I can overcome this. I’m beginning to hate sex and really scared anytime I think about it.

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Hubby has been very supportive and gentle but I feel bad about it. Has anyone been in my shoes? I just need a ‘formula’ or ‘trick’ to end this.

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  • Get drunk seriously… I mean get tipsy… then try again…hubby has to learn how to so proper foreplay to let you be swimming in the third heaven’s…

  • Dear poster be relax and let your hubby apply lubricant on your varginal and also on his thing,with that he will be able to penetrate you freely with little or no pain

  • First is for you to relax your mind. You need a lot of foreplay. If possible touch yourself and do what you enjoy in the presence of your hubby. When you’re wet enough and drooling with your juice I’m sure he should be hard enough as well. Let him fondle your entrance with his manhood a lot of times, and open your eyes to all these and think of how sweet penetrating you will be. I want you to know you’re missing him not penetrating you. Sex will make you really connected with him. Let him penetrate you without you knowing but you must be really really wet with a lot of foreplay. Tell him what you enjoy apart from kissing. Read erotic books too.

  • Sincerely I was in your shoes too. I still doubt how I got pregnant for my two kids cos even during delivery, the nurses complains that I am too too tight. I don’t pray for my hubby to remember sex at all in fact sometimes I don’t want to sleep on the same bed with him.

    After 5years ND 2 kids, I decided to work on myself. Read articles online, watched videos on YouTube and then made up my mind. I have my hubby a call from the office that I’ll surprise him be he wasn’t sure if it was me.
    I tried to relax, we teamed up with lubricant and for the first time in 5yrs, hubby fully penetrated and we both felt so good. Hubby still thinks it’s a dream cos before, you won’t dare touch me.
    So pls it’s a thing of the mind and agreement with hubby. I wish you luck and fun.

  • You should use olive oil rub your hubby penis for penetratiom.
    It will go ssmoothly and be very relaxed and take your mind off it.
    You will start enjyoing it with time

  • Wait it out. Emotional foreplay is every bit as powerful as physical. Let your hubby fondle your breast, kiss you passionately, gentle touch of your clitoris, you in turn will fondle his penis,forget about fear, cling to him passionately so that there will be secretion of fluid from your Virgina The longer you hold out, the more time you both will spend fantasizing about each other, making the denouement all the more passionate, the time he will penetrate inside, you will feel as if you have reached another planet without no pain.
    Keep the sex slow so that you both can enjoy every minute together.

  • You don’t have to see anybody, this was me just some months ago married as a virgin it was very painful all you need to do is relax.

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