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Are You Becoming an Abusive Parent? Check These Warning Signs

Are You Becoming an Abusive Parent? Check These Warning Signs

Adesua Iyoyojie

Some parents are abusive and won’t back down until a child bleeds blood.

The only language they understand is pain and if a child doesnt feel pain, they won’t back down. Most parents are honestly ignorant about the possibility of them being abusive.

There is a thin line between discipline and abuse, and parents need to know when they are crossing that line – especially African parents.

Here are signs to help you determine if you are becoming an abusive parent:

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1. Choice of words
I heard a woman call her daughter a witch one day and almost jumped out of my skin.
That girl might grow up believing she looks like a witch.
If you use derogatory words on your kids, check it, you are fast becoming abusive.

2. Lost of trust
When your kids can’t trust you with something personal because they know you would expose them.
You tell your neighbors private things concerning your kids.
You correct and mock them in public.
You are destroying their self esteem and that is psychological abuse.

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3. Hitting
When you hit them for the slightest reason. A child falls down, and instead of hugging him or her, you hit them to stop crying. a child mistakenly breaks a plate and instead of finding out if the child is ok, you hit the child.
You are becoming an abusive parent.

4. Constant comparison
When you compare them all the time to other kids. You dent their self esteem and confidence.
That is abuse on its own.

5 . Fear
When your kids see you and begin to shiver, that is not discipline, you are installing fear.
It is better to be loved than to be feared.
When you find yourself always screaming ,shouting instead of counselling.

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6. Public humiliation
As a kid I watched our neighbor insert pure pepper in her daughter’s vagina, whenever she was caught standing with a boy. She did it in public.
I can’t imagine the shame the girl felt going through such a horrible experience from her mum.
If you find yourself humiliating your child in public always, it is not discipline. You are becoming abusive.

7. Emotional blackmail
When you force your child to always do your bidding even when it is wrong, you are emotionally abusing that child. Sometimes a child can say ‘NO’ for valid reasons.

Watch out if you tick all the boxes. You might be becoming an abusive parent. And if you are, do not beat yourself up, just work on becoming a better parent to your child.

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