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Dear MIMsters: My Wonderful Husband Is Ruining Our Home With His Habits

Dear MIMsters: My Wonderful Husband Is Ruining Our Home With His Habits

I’m married to a wonderful man but sometimes things just get too tough because we have many misunderstandings.

Whenever there is a misunderstanding between us, he always calls the police. When police comes, they just laugh it off and go because they see my husband is not right upstairs.

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I have been married for 3 years but in these 3 years ,he has called the police about 40 times and has filled the divorce papers more than 100 times. He always has copies of divorce papers, so after every misunderstanding he fills them but doesn’t submit them.

I’m honestly getting tired because as a Christian, I have endured because Pastors have advised that I stay because these misunderstandings are from the devil. They say the devil doesn’t want us to be together apparently because we both have a calling from God. My husband is an apostle while I am an evangelist.

Meanwhile, my husband is a Dagga smoker even though he is pastor. This dagga makes him very wild and mentally unstable.

I’m not happy in this marriage anymore and I want out but people are saying it’s unGodly but even God knows that I am really tired.

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On the other hand, my parents would like to give me my inheritance but because they don’t like my husband, they have held on to the money. And here I am in a marriage of fights and living from hand to mouth, when I can just go and get my inheritance and move on with my life.

I have never wanted a Divorce because I come from a family where my parents live like siblings. I need your advice on what to do and how to handle this.

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  • Not all marriages are meant to last forever. Sometimes we marry wrongly but that doesn’t mean we should suffer the rest of our lives. If it’s not working then it’s not working. Don’t kill yourself because you want to stay married. Even pastors divorce.

  • My friend Don’t pull out, marriage is a life time commitment. Gods hand is upon you. accord of three cannot be easily broken. just work on your misunderstandings and all will be well. better things are a head. Don’t give up my friend, keep pushing on.

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