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Dear MIMsters: Can I Trust This Mother-in-law of Mine To Have My Back?

Dear MIMsters: Can I Trust This Mother-in-law of Mine To Have My Back?

Can I trust my mother-in-law to have my back?

I have been married for three years now and I have a 10 months old baby. My husband has been the best since we got married, asides our little quarrels.

There are no signs he might be a cheat, but I have always been suspicious. Anytime I confront him about cheating, my suspicions double and I am not pacified. This has happened twice, and I had to tell his mum about it.

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The answer I got from her was that I worry too much and for nothing. She said that I am a jealous person, that is why I think he is cheating on me.

The issue now is that for the past three months, I have been seeing some calls and messages
on his phone from a particular girl. Whenever we are together, he still speaks to the lady on his phone. Two weeks ago, I saw a message on his phone from the girl, telling my husband that she is expecting his baby. He told her to keep the baby.

I saw another message where she told my husband that she did not keep the pregnancy as planned, he then apologized to her for all that she had gone through for him. All this time, I have not questioned him about it, even though her pictures are all over his phone.

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Within the week, we went for a program and he introduced me to a female friend of his, surprisingly it is the same girl he’s always talking to. His mum was there, so he introduced her to his mum too.

Later in the evening, I confronted him and asked if he had anything to do with the lady, he confessed that he did. I however, said nothing about the pregnancy.

My question is: Should I tell his mum all that has happened or leave it as it is? I suspect she will take sides with her son and cover up for him as she has done before.

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  • Of course she will take sides with her son. Trash the issue with him. You are married to him not his mother.

  • I feel that you should let his mummy be out of the issue.Mothers generally can be funny. Discuss with him, if possible engage a counselor or the family spiritual leader. Don’t fight with him, dont divorce him either. It is well

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