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Dear MIMsters: My Wife Lied. This Is What Really Happened In Our Home

Dear MIMsters: My Wife Lied. This Is What Really Happened In Our Home

I’m writing this in response to a Mimster who wrote about her husband she says is always searching for their marriage certificate just to tear it. My first question to her is: How many has he torn in our 4 years of marriage? She also complained that I drain her financially, How? Do I collect any money from her? She lied. But I can’t understand the lies.

Her problem metamorphoses with her not having a mind of her own. Her mother controls what she does, even when she is to have sex with her husband. This is a wife I married legally, we don’t have any secret in the house.

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Can you imagine a wife you entrusted with your savings worth millions of naira, go behind your back and enrolls in MMM without discussing it, just because she was influenced by her mother, even though I specifically warned her about it. When I eventually got to know about the scheme, I confronted her and she lied to me, telling me a cock and bull story just to justify herself.

She however didn’t use my money that was kept in her account, she took either a loan from her office or from a family member. In my own right, I see this as a betrayal of trust and an insult to my personality as the Head of the house that performs his role effectively.

I devised a means to open another account where I transferred my entire savings. I tried not to disclose the amount in the said account to her. I also ensured that she is responsible for buying things in the house and also responsible for paying her children’s school fees this term.

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All these are calculated attempts on my part for her to be responsible. I have noticed that she thinks money is so easy to come by, as all the responsibilities are on my shoulders.

She also is among those who keep their marriage certificate in their mum’s house. I just saw a post concerning it yesterday and I called her attention to it, with
comments posted.

Thank YOU.

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