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Dear MIMsters: I’m Cutting Ties With My Husband After I Caught Him Doing This

Dear MIMsters: I’m Cutting Ties With My Husband After I Caught Him Doing This

Hello MIMsters, I’m extremely hurt and I want to cut all ties with my husband, but I need to know if I am taking the right decision.

I recently discovered that my husband is cheating on me. The girl he is having an affair with actually lives close to our home ad works closely with my husband. She even visits our home regularly. After I discovered this bitter truth, I reported him to his family.

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After two weeks, they summoned him and I was told he turned the tables, blaming me for his philandering habits. He told them that I starve him of sex. Funny enough, when I confronted him about cheating on me, he flatly denied it and I chose to believe him.

He did not only tell them that I starve him of sex, he also mentioned a few things to make this whole matter more complicated, his family actually blames me for him, cheating on me. It hurts and I am very annoyed because I have sex with my husband almost every day. Even when I am not in the mood, he would still go ahead, so to hear him say I starved him really hurts.

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He feels like nothing can be done to him so I have resolved to take my kids, run away and start life afresh. I have lost myself completely living with him. When it comes to material things, he provides, but I am not just happy with his domineering attitude.

What annoyed the most was him coming back home and pretending he hadn’t done anything after going behind my back and telling lies against me. I just feel that if I had been the one to cheat, I wouldn’t have been forgiven.

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He has hurt me to deeply and I can’t even forgive him. To think that the girl he cheated on me used to eat from my pot. In our 4 years of marriage, he has beaten me up four times. I have made all necessary arrangements to move out next week, but I have decided to make it public in order to seek advice.

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  • i think you are making the right decision.
    Your husband is cheating on you
    You confronted him AND he is NOT SORRY
    you deserve better my sister…leave his cheating ass
    i salute your courage

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