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Dear Mimsters: I Fear I Would Soon Become a Disgrace to My Family

Dear Mimsters: I Fear I Would Soon Become a Disgrace to My Family

Hello MIMsters, I need your advice on what to do right now. I am at a crossroad and I feel like dying. I fear that I would soon become a disgrace to my family.

I am a 27 years old lady who survives on a menial job. I graduated in 2015, ever since, I have been trying to work and save money to go back and complete my HND by next year. I live in the city with my youngest sister who came for a vacation job, because her school is on

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Now, this is my dilemma: I met a man around June this year, and he made it clear that he wanted a serious relationship that would lead to marriage.
We started dating, and by September we had become very close. I started visiting him, and I even introduced him to my sister.

He claimed he loved me, and I considered the fact that he appeared quite matured and responsible. He was 37, so I stupidly threw all caution to the wind. Last week, I discovered that I am pregnant for him, and when I told
him about it, his response wasn’t pleasant.

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He got angry and started calling me all sorts of names; he asked me if I was a child and didn’t know what to do like other girls. He asked me to come for an abortion on Monday; otherwise he is out of the relationship. He told me to stop calling him; he even went as far as blocking me on all social media platforms.

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He is a Medical Doctor completing his horsemanship. Right now, I am the most confused human being on earth. I am so frustrated, destabilized, and
depressed. All I can think of now is leaving this earth for good.

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I don’t even know how to face my parents & siblings. I don’t know whether I should go for the abortion or not. If I decide not to abort it, I fear I will not be able to carter for myself and the baby’s needs. Secondly, if I am to keep the baby I will have to leave the job because it is stressful. My challenges are so numerous; please I desperately need your advice. Thank you
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  • My Dear, the truth is that you have to be very strong Cus you are going to become a single Mom. But if you think you can’t be able to take care of yourself and the baby, simple abort it and seek for Gods forgiveness instead of bringing a child out in this world to suffer, because as far as I know, that Guy has moved on.

  • Abortion is out of the way, U can die in the process or have complications. Do not go to him for abortion and don’t let him lure you. The truth of the matter is you have to face the challenges & conquer. The deed has been done, make up your mind to continue your work to take care of yourself. Let his parents and family members be aware. Don’t let him drug u & abort your pregnancy. Avoid him completely & face your parents. That shame is for a while but the joy of your baby is forever. It’s a lesson, ladies say no to sex b4 marriage. Thank you

  • With all these challenges and with what your guy said, I think you should abort it. No child deserves to suffer.

  • My dear I don’t support abortion but still you can’t be with a man that doesn’t love you.

  • Pls dont even think about going back to him for abortion, face it, the deed has been done. Face ur parent and tell me the truth. I beg u in the name of God don’t kill the innocent child. The child we bring u joy. And I believe if u can keep the baby the guy will come back looking for u.

  • Ola and Tope,,,God bless you mightly for the sound advice. Ola has said it all….Do not abort the child, please and please. locate members of his family and inform them. Inform your mom too. gather as much support you can get., move closer to God, he will see you through, pls my sister dont terminate the life of this unborn child.

  • Geniuenly give ur life to Christ. Forget about d abortion. Make up u mind to go through ds tough period of ur life with ur baby. Bear d shame. But u can and will be an overcomer in Jesus Name. When u look back 20 yrs frm now u will be glad u never aborted or gave up.

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