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Daddy Freeze Exposes Incriminating Text Messages Married Pastor Sent to a Female Member

Daddy Freeze Exposes Incriminating Text Messages Married Pastor Sent to a Female Member

Controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze of Cool FM has been very vocal about his peeve with ‘men of God’ and his resentment for certain religious practices. Recently, he stated that it was wrong for a pastor to demand tithes from church members.

Today, he has picked on another issue; pastors committing adultery in the house of God. He exposed text messages from a married woman who claimed her pastor was trying to get her into his bed.

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Freeze obviously has issues with pastors especially in Nigeria and would stop at nothing to expose what he feels are their shady dealings. He is using the #Freethesheeple movement to pursue this aim.

See screenshots of the exchange between the lady and pastor:

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“Married lady shares screenshots of chats with her married pastor who seems to be asking her out!


He further said:

“Nigerians behold your men of gods!

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Shameless as they come like thieves in the night! ~FRZ


Is Daddy Freeze witch-hunting pastors or is he exposing a real problem in church that needs to be addressed? Let’s hear your thoughts.

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  • Am not surprise, Pastor is just a title, they are humans, pls the woman would have posted the pastor name/ church so that ladies/women should beware. i pity the Pastors wife

  • Glad to see that someone is speaking out, it is about time too. I hope other prominent names will join his mission. These people have literally destroyed families by brainwashing young men and women. Perhaps it will get to a point when people will begin to think for themselves instead of thinking with their brainwashed brains. I don’t know how you can justify a net worth of $150 as a “man of God” Very sad times!

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