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If You Still Think the Way to a Man’s Heart Is the Stomach, You Need to Read This Story By Young Oprah

If You Still Think the Way to a Man’s Heart Is the Stomach, You Need to Read This Story By Young Oprah

A woman on Twitter, Young Oprah just got engaged and she has gone viral after her posts from last year were dug up. Her posts hilariously prove that the way to a man’s heart is not the stomach.

This time last year she was on Twitter lamenting over how she went out of her way to prove she was a wife material by cooking for the men she dated and for their aunts, even at their family gatherings, yet, after all the yam pounding, the men moved on to start families with other women.

We are happy she found love after all.

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Read the tweets below…

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Women, I’m sure you know that cooking and cleaning won’t make a man marry you. And even if it does, you need to sustain it to keep him happy. If you want to do any chores for your boyfriend, do it with an open mind, not expecting a ring in return.

Do you have stories to tell about this kind of experience? We would love to hear them all.

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  • am not one who does house chores for those I date…I won’t even come to your house to cook not to talk of clean n wash.if you wanna taste my food pay me a visit… if am to meet ur peeps I he belt stay in a hotel.I won’t go to ur family house n enter your kitchen n start forming wife. I no send….I don’t perform wifely duties wen am not one.neither do I think dat would make u see me as a food wife.if u wanna know if i would make a good wife come to my house…

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