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Dear MIMsters: He Says He Loves Me But His Actions Say Otherwise

Dear MIMsters: He Says He Loves Me But His Actions Say Otherwise

Please MIMsters, my boyfriend tells me he loves me but his actions tell me otherwise. I need help to make the right decision about this relationship.

My boyfriend traveled out of the country three years ago. He always keeps in touch, calls and sends me messages on a daily basis, somtimes sends me money until last year when everything changed.

He doesn’t call me as much as he used too, when I tell him I’m broke or I ask for money, he would tell me he’s also broke. My parents are not happy about the distant relationship because he’s there with his immediate family.

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My friends and family have advised me to look for someone else, which I did. This new guy has been my friend for a long time and he has always been asking me out, so I decided to give him a chance. It’s been six months since we started dating, and I have to say, he doesn’t trust me.

He accuses me of cheating on him and he nags a lot. Each time I visit him, we quarrel over little things like; I stay too long on my phone. We could argue on a certain issue for three hours. I love surfing the Internet because I’m still job hunting and he complains about it. Each time we have an argument, he’ll tell me to swear that I’m not seeing other guys and that he’s the only one having sex with me. He uses swear words a lot, and it makes me feel some type of way.

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His family is aware, and they’re always telling me to be patient because he claims to love me. At a point, he told me to breakup with the guy abroad which I did. My friends are telling me to leave him, each time I try to, he always begs me and tells me how much he loves me. He would go on and on and say how he can’t do without me.

I am so confused that I don’t know what to do anymore. Please I need sincere advice.

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  • I broke up with my last boyfriend because of this kind of attitude. You can’t be with a man that doesn’t trust you, it’s draining.

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