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5 Ways To Build A Positive Home For Your Children

5 Ways To Build A Positive Home For Your Children

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A child’s experiences at home is a major influence on the path they take in life and the kind of person they grow up to become. Although some end up deviating from the values they have been raised with, it’s worth the effort to do your best as a parent to create a positive environment for your child’s childhood.

Here are some of the building blocks to establish a sure foundation;

1. Acknowledge efforts and results

Yes, we’ve heard countless times how we’ll help our kids build a positive self-esteem by praising them when they do a good job and it’s true. Your children need to also know how to acknowledge other people when they do things for them. Teach them to acknowledge, appreciate and praise the effort of others.

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2. Showing care and affection

Do you hug the kids and kiss your kids? Are you sympathetic to their pain and worries, paying attention when they voice these concerns? Do you show interest in how they feel? According to some studies, showing a child consistent care and affection helps to develop a certain part of their brain. That part of the brain has a larger hippocampus, responsible for learning, handling stress and memory.

3. Rules, regulations and routines

Household rules let everyone in the family know how to behave. They help family members achieve a balance between getting what they want and respecting the needs of others. They can also help children and teenagers feel safe and secure.

4. Self love

Nobody is perfect, they say. They also say if you stare at your reflection long enough, you will see some imperfections that will make it difficult to see yourself as the wonderful person that you are. Teach your kids this truth: nobody is perfect, but that shouldn’t stop them from loving themselves. Practice reinforcing this with positive affirmations.

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Another way to make it easy for them to love themselves is to take care of their health, their looks and what they eat. You know the drill; vegetables, fruits, lean protein, not so much carbs, even less junk foods and lots of water and regular exercises.

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Groom them with clean haircut, clothes, finger and toe nails. What’s the use? When you’re fit, look good and feel good, your self esteem soars, people readily accept you and you radiate positive vibes.

5. Quality time and interaction

The bond between you and your children also plays a major role in how they see themselves. They feel secure in the knowledge that you care and that you will be there for them when it matters the most. You can only build and strengthen this bond by spending quality time with them. It goes without saying that quality time must be spent with you interacting with them, giving them your full attention. No phones, no social media or any type of distraction whatsoever.

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Make it part of your routine to have family time when everybody comes together to “fellowship”.


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