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Dear MIMsters: My Husband Wants To Divorce Me For This Reason. Is He Right?

Dear MIMsters: My Husband Wants To Divorce Me For This Reason. Is He Right?

My husband wants to divorce me. Is his reason right?

I have been separated from my husband for four years now, though we still live in the same house but sleep in separate rooms. We have been married for twelve years and  are blessed with three kids.

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Since this problem started, my husband who is a Colonel, only pays the children’s school fees and provides very little for the upkeep of the house. He does not allow the children and I ride in his car. So, we virtually have to trek to the places where we want to go.

The problem started when my friend visited us without prior notice and was planning to spend some days in our house. My husband got very angry that I had to lodge her in a hotel. That was when all hell broke loose.

I am prayerful and I have been praying about this problem. I frequently do a 21 days dry fasting all the time, and I have sought help from so many men of God, but the problem seems to grow worse each day.

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Now, the man is asking for a divorce. Could it be that God is answering my prayers with a “NO”, or is the devil still at work? Could it be that he was not my rightful husband? Many people have tried to intervene in vain. Please advise me

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  • This man has little regard for the institution of marriage. How can he want to divorce you just because of this flimsy excuse. He is not only punishing you alone but added the poor kids. Pls let him go, you will never find peace and happiness with this man. He sees himself as a Lord and he is too mean and wicked.
    Marriage is being happy with your partner. I can imagine how miserable your kids are in their own home. Pls don’t beg him, let him do whatever he wants, I have seen many men like him, they keep marrying and divorcing. They later end up living alone. Start planning your exit and don’t wait and be caught unaware.

  • I have a feeling this story is not complete. There more to it than you are letting out. Search yourself and see if you somehow said or did things to bruise his ego in front of your friend. A simple and sincere apology can solve the problem.

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