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Dear MIMsters: Is My Boyfriend Making A Mockery Of My Emotions?

Dear MIMsters: Is My Boyfriend Making A Mockery Of My Emotions?

Is my boyfriend making a mockery of my emotions? This is my story.

I am a single mum, although, it does not look like I have given birth in life. I walked out on my baby’s father when he made it clear that he wouldn’t marry me. He began to batter me, especially when he got to know that he was AS and not AA as he had previously informed me. I am AA anyway.

After four years of no relationship, I dated a colleague, and it still didn’t work out fine. Then I dated someone else. I usually do not have issues with these men, they would just start acting up by not calling or checking up on me, while I am the one that does most of the checking up. Once I stop, the relationship stops.

I simply concluded that relationships weren’t for me, and since I was gainfully employed, and earning over N200,000 monthly, I concentrated all my energy on excelling at work, while I turned down all love advances from men. I get a whole lot of advances because I look very young, even though I am 31.

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Sometime last year, in December precisely, a friend of mine based abroad introduced me to a guy. I didn’t like him at first, I already had the notion that all men were the same. They would seem to care so much about you in the beginning, only to start acting up much later. So, I put up a
defensive wall.

But this guy never gave up on me, he would check up on me so incessantly despite the time difference, he would have very long video calls with me. Somehow, I fell for his care and decided to give love another chance. As soon as I fell for this guy, he started misbehaving and going in the line of all my exes.

He stopped calling and chatting, it took my humble self to ignite a conversation that would end up being dry and at times, it would take a whole day to respond to my messages. I asked if he was facing challenges, and even contacted the friend of mine that introduced us, and he said all was well with him. I begged, I complained about it and even asked him if he was tired of the relationship so we can both move on, but he said nothing.

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Then I broke up with him, and I was really surprised when he started begging and reassuring me of his love. The thing is, it took just few minutes of begging before I gave in. Ironically, he didn’t change, I moved for another break up a few more times, and he begged while I accepted him back, yet, no changes in the trend of communication.

Then last month, I always dropped this message “good morning and have a blessed day” on his whatsapp page for six days. I desisted and quit finally. I notified my friend who also had contacted him, I was told that he said he was testing my patience, really? Who tests a woman’s patience with neglect for a whole five months?.

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This time, we didn’t communicate for a whole month but, I wasn’t myself for a few days, so, I called him to apologize but he refused to listen to any of it. I actually do not have energy for all these, it is beginning to affect me. Do I just move on and totally forget about him, or keep begging while it appears he is making a mockery of my emotions?

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