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Dear MIMsters: Why Has My Husband Suddenly Changed Towards Me?

Dear MIMsters: Why Has My Husband Suddenly Changed Towards Me?

Hello Mimsters, please I need help trying to figure out why my husband has suddenly changed towards me. When my husband and I started dating, he never hid anything from me, he was very loving and caring. After we got married, he changed entirely, it almost feels like I never knew him.

He tells me virtually nothing, he shouts at me when he likes, although he still provides for my basic needs. Three months after we got married, he gave me the beating of my life over a little misunderstanding. We are from different tribes but that never seemed like an issue when we were dating.

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Now, he always makes snarky comments concerning our tribal differences. He says that he would make sure his brother does not marry from another tribe. Recently, he joined a lot of his tribal social media groups meant for young people. He goes out to social gatherings with singles from the group, he chats with single ladies from the group and deletes the conversations instantly.

I also observed that he chats with other girls as well, and goes as far as sending them money. Whenever I complain about his relationship with single girls, he would tell me “you cannot stop me from doing what I was doing before I married u, I am the one who told you to come and join me

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There was a day I complained about his relationship with a particular woman, he raised his hand to hit me but dropped it. We have been married for over a year before I got pregnant. The day I broke the news to him, he simply said “okay“, there was no excitement in him. Ever since I got pregnant, I have been having series of complications, so, I cannot work.

I depend solely on him. He hardly answers my calls when I call him. The painful part is, he shouts at me at even when I ask him simple questions like “sweetheart, what are u doing in the room” his response could be “get out from here“. What can be happening, have I lost my husband?

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  • This’s disheartening. Now, a lot of things could cause what is happening with husband and am going to take two out the some. One, it could be your husband never changed. HIs behavior now could be who he really is. During dating or courting he could be hiding those traits. Two, it could be spiritual, a kind of a spell. I advice you take things easy and commit him to prayer. Its well

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